Baby Giraffe

Over the years we have over 400 baby animals at the ranch per year. It can be stressful at times and just like an expectant father there isn't a lot we can do to help during the birthing process with the giraffe except to watch. The female giraffe almost always gives birth in the standing position so the baby will fall about six feet to the ground. The baby is up and nursing within an hour and can run around within a couple of hours.

The mother is very protective of the baby and keeps it next to her for the first couple of days and as you can see in several of the photos she kept it under her in-between her front legs.

She will kick to protect her baby and unlike almost all other animals she uses her front legs to kick and is capable of kicking sideways. The giraffe's kick is powerful enough to crush a lions skull or break its back.

The baby giraffe is around six feet tall at birth and will weigh around 150 pounds.

She is very protective of her baby and both are healthy so we do not want to put either one under additional stress by trying to mesure or weigh the baby.

This is the third baby giraffe we have had here on the ranch. It is this mothers first.

The photo in the lower right corner below here is of the baby giraffe, its mother and the father.











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