Schreiner Farms

Our Washington ranch consists of more than 12000 acres, located in the magnificent Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. This ranch is located across the Columbia River from The Dalles, Oregon. It is an operating cattle ranch and we raise approximately 18 species of exotic animals, most of which are available for sale. We take pride in raising only the finest quality animals which receive the best of care and food available. We welcome any inquiries regarding the availability of our animals.

Our ranch contains abundant fresh water springs and wonderful well water, which helps keep the animals healthy. Our animals are not enclosed in tiny pens like a zoo, but roam in spacious wide-open areas.

We have a special relationship with area Veterinarians whom we have depended on for over 25 years.

Our Ranch is open to the public so you can drive through to view the animals.

Please observe the following rules.

  • We are open from 9 am to dusk

  • stay in your vehicle

  • stay on the main road and turn around at the giraffe barn. There is a sign there

  • yield to farm traffic (tractors, quads and pickups)

  • No Smoking

  • do not litter or throw anything out of your vehicle







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Schreiner Farms

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